Ashbridges Bay – Anubis

“No, it’s not a brace, it’s a prosthesis. His leg was crushed in an accident. The vet built this for him, even attaching his own paw to the bottom of the prosthesis so that it’s as normal as possible. Not much slows him down. His name is Anubis. We’re walking him for a friend.”

Puppy Myth Buster #4

Prevention When my puppy gets wild and nips and bites me he: a)      Is trying to become the Alpha Dog. b)      Lacks structure and boundaries during his daily routine c)      Is trying to dominate me. d)      Is not getting enough crate time. e)      Is not given enough appropriate mental/physical activity when he is out of… View Article

Cabbagetown Marilyn

Marilyn is a four year old American Bulldog who was rescued as an adult dog. “She’s the BEST DOG EVER! We don’t exactly know her past and she seems to have a fearfulness around other dogs. It looks aggressive. She’s never broken the skin on any dog. It’s just a lot of noise and saliva. We suspect she… View Article

New Puppy Rules – Manners

We have taken puppy raising concepts and broken them down into a few key points to help make them easy to remember and to practice. With each new set of rules you will find a link included to take you to, where you can get a comprehensive explanation and/or lesson on the concept.   Click on the link… View Article

Puppy Myth Buster #3

How Dogs Learn 3.   Using a treat to train your puppy is a form of bribery. True or False Answer: False Most of the behaviors that we want from our dogs are unnatural for them. Food is a motivator. It is payment for a job well done. There are things everywhere that the puppy and… View Article